Stavanger is everything you would picture Norway to be  - a quaint port hugged by tall clapboard colourful houses making way to blue fjords and mountains beyond.


Stavanger offers a gateway to nature and using it as a satellite base you can tap into all the top sites and return to town at the end of the day ready to relax and enjoy its fine dining opportunities and craft beer culture.

A Weekend in Stavanger | Friday...


Get your bearings and head to the harbour to enjoy dinner at Fisketorget (https://fisketorget-stavanger.no;  Strandkaien 37, 4005 Stavanger, Norway). Indulge in the fish soup which makes this restaurant famous - it is jammed packed with seafood fresh from the fjords. Drinks at Gnu bar (http://www.gnubar.no;  Nedre Strandgate 25, 4005 Stavanger, Norway) are a great place to finish up watching the night set in over the harbour and twinkling lights.

Stavanger's famous harbour

A Weekend in Stavanger | Saturday...


Take to the fjords on a Ferry cruise. This is the easiest and best way to take in the magical Norweigan waters. You can spend the morning out on deck taking in the sparkling azure blues interrupted by the craggy green islands dotted with Norwegian summer houses.

The boat then drops you off for one of Norway's most photographed locations. The "Pulpit Rock" hike is a big ticket item for any keen hiker - it is busy as a consequence, but this is because the views are unrivalled. It takes a couple of hours to climb and is demanding but accessible for anyone of moderate fitness.  Remember to bring your swimmers as there are some pools half way up to cool off in.

Stavanger's beautiful fjords

The view of Pulpit Rock is great from below as well as above

Lunch / Afternoon

After your morning hike, head to Stavanger's famed Øvre Holmegate ("Colour Street") where you will find a plethora of independent bars and restaurants.  Hanekam (https://www.hanekam.no;  Øvre Holmegate 26, 4006 Stavanger, Norway) is a great spot for some local beers and a few choice light lunch options - it embodies a quirky, cool Norweigan vibe and has comfy seating out front to watch the world go by.

Stavanger's famed Øvre Holmegate ("Colour Street")

Dusk / Evening

Norway may be challenging on the budget but dinner in Egget (Steinkargata 23, 4006 Stavanger, Norway) is not to be missed. A small, hidden restaurant in a back street in the middle of the city. These guys have chosen their own way of running a restaurant, all based on their passion for food. Young, well known chefs doing it their way with no fixed menu to choose from but fantastic local dishes.

ØST craft beer (https://www.ostbar.no;  Kvitsøygata 25, 4014 Stavanger, Norway) is housed in the small hut where the workers at the old Tou brewery used to get a well deserved beer after a hard days work. They can arrange beer tasting for you and have a massive selection to choose from.

A Weekend in Stavanger | Sunday...


Kayaking on the fjords is a great way to avoid the crowds and experience the magic of the waters at your own pace. We recommend using Rogland Aktiv (https://www.rogalandaktiv.no;  Strandkaien 61, 4005 Stavanger, Norway) who take small groups out to explore for a few hours.

Now you have really earned your brunch. Head over to Boker og borst (http://bokerogborst.no; Øvre Holmegate 32, 4006 Stavanger, Norway) which is the best place in the old town to relax with brunch in the sunshine back on Stavanger's famous Colour Street.

Get out on the water with a kayaking trip

Lunch / Afternoon

Take some time to wander the colourful historic streets surrounding Øvre Holmegate picking up some souvenirs from the independent boutiques and galleries.  Nuart gallery (Salvågergata 10, 4006 Stavanger, Norway) sells a great selection of quirky and fun prints from local artists as well as some original works.

If the weather is good, head out to the airport a little early and relax on Sola beach for a couple of hours before checking in.  Sola beach is a great place to unwind and finish your trip - a vast expanse of wide open deserted sands will give you a final taste of the Norwegian waters which make this country so famous.

Sola beach is a great place to unwind

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